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How are scholarships and UWC Colleges funded?

The scholarships are funded by their own schools and in part by the donations received from various sources.  UWC donors include parents of students, alumni, philatrophists, corporations, governments and individuals both internationally and domestically.

What does the UWC scholarships cover? 

The scholarships cover tuition, books, room and board.  Scholarships do not inlcude the cost of transport to school and the student's personal expenses.

Should parents of scholarship students contribute something? 

Once the recipients are notified that they have obtained the scholarship based on their personal merits and the criteria exclusively, then UWC asks their parents or guardians to voluntarily support the movement with contributions according to their financial abilities.


Does it matter that I cannot speak English?

No.  This should not discourage anyone to participate in our competitive selection process.  Speaking English is not a requirement to submit your application to UWC Belize.

It is, however, highly recommended that those interested in applying to UWC Belize make an effort to improve their English during the selection process.  Those who can adapt more quickly to the academic standards of college and who can communicate better with their classmates have more of an advantage in their UWC experience.

How is the selection process?

Visit our Selection process page!

I am a Belizean but I live in another country, should I submit my application to the committee in the country I live or to the Belize committee?

The Belize National Committee requires that applicants need to have been living in Belize and attending school during the four years prior to applying for a UWC scholarship.  Applications should be submitted to the Belize committee.

If this requirement is not met, you should contact the National Committee in the country where you live and ask if they accept applications from non-citizens.  Visit

What grades should I have when applying for the UWC scholarship? 

The Belize National Committee requires that applicants have an overall average of no less than 80%.  It is important not to have a low academic standing at school because the IB is a rigorous program, and if selected for a UWC scholarship you are expected to keep up with the workload at UWC.

What committments do I make by accepting a UWC scholarship?

By accepting a UWC scholarship you are agreeing to keep a diligent and up-to-date blog of your UWC expperience, and are also required to volunteer a minimum of two years working with the National Committee.  You must also agree to return to Belize after your higher education is complete, and give back to Belize by applying the knowledge you have acquired.

Who do I turn to if I have other questions not answered here?

For further inqueries please send email to