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Eligibility Criteria 

1.  Be a Belize National

  • a.  Born in Belize
  • b.  Living in Belize 
  • c.  If not born in Belize, has lived in Belize as a legal Belize Citizen four years prior to applying
  • d.  Belize Residents (non-citizens) are not eligible

2.  Be between 16 and 18 years old in August or at time of entry  

3.   Have academic record which predicts success in the academic rigours of the International Baccalaureate            Diploma Program (IBDP); Minimum of 85% average 

4.  Be an independent person, responsible, committed to academics, the ideals of justice, peace and                         cooperation.

5.  Must have carried out social service, volunteering or other community work and extra-curricular activities       (e.g. sports, music etc.).