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Selection Process

The Belize UWC Selections process may vary slightly year by year.  Below are descriptions of some assessments that may be used. Applicants are evaluated, rated and shortlisted after each phase of the process and notified by email of their progress.  Location for camp and interview are determined on an annual basis.  

 UWC Belize Selection Process

Phase 1 -  Application 

The application form is available here and can be submitted online. The application form consists of five sections: applicant's personal information; school information; parent/s/guardian/s information and short questions concerning your well-being.

Each application must be submitted with your most recent transcript/s.

Proof of nationality (if  applicable)

Copy of application fee of $25.00 BZD (Belize Bank Account No:  177445010120000).

Phase II - Essays

Essays consist of 5/8 long and short essay questions that may include topics such as your future goals, knowledge of local and international issues, and what you understand about UWC's goal, mission and values.

Applicants are given two weeks to submit their essays.

The selection panel evaluates and scores each submission.

Phase III - Group Activity

Group activities may consist of several exercises involving small teams.  The activities may test UWC's core selection criteria: intellectual curiosity; active commitment to your own values and those of UWC; social competence;. resilience, self-awareness and independence; personal responsibility and integrity and academic robustness 

These activities may be held face to face or virtually.

Phase IV - Interview

Finalists are invited to attend the face-to-face or virtual interview session with the interview panel that may also involve the participation of a psychologist.  Parent/s/guardian/s may also be invited to attend the last few minutes of the interview.  Interview sessions may last between 30 to 45 minutes. 


Applicants are evaluated, rated and shortlisted after each phase of the selection process.