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Our Alumni

Marcelo Chi

High School: N/A

UWC: Simon Bolivar 2003

Working: Orange Walk Math Teacher


Zimmerman Cardona 

High School: Muffles College

UWC: Simon Bolivar 2007

Bachelors: College of Atlantic 2011

                                Masters: University of Göttingen 2013


Alexis Lanza

High School: Saint Catherine Academy

UWC: Costa Rica 2008 

Bachelors: Methodist University 2012

                                Doctorate: University of Florida 2019


Daniel Rancharan 

High School: Corozal Community College

UWC: Lester B. Pearson 2008

Bachelors: Clark University 2012


John T. Medina 

High School: Mopan Technical High School

UWC: Simon Bolivar 2011 

Working: Agricola Macapo C.A. (Belize)


Connie Zhou 

High School: Saint Catherine Academy

UWC: Costa Rica 2012 

Bachelors: Wartburg College 2016


Alexis Caballero 

High School: Independence High School

UWC: Maastricht 2013 

Bachelors: University of Florida 2017


Giselle Mahung 

High School: Toledo Community College 

UWC: Lester B. Pearson 2014

Bachelors: University of Belize 2018


Julie Deng

High School: Our Lady of Guadalupe 

UWC: Li Po Chun 2016

Bachelors: Wartburg College 2020

Kayla Burrowes 2015-2017

Kayla attended Saint Catherine's Academy in Belize City. She was awarded a UWC scholarship to attend UWC Atlantic College, South Wales, UK and completed her IBDP in 2017.  Kayla then went on to pursue her studies and recently graduated from University of Rochester, New York, where she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience with high distinction and a minor in chemistry.  Kayla is now in Gainesville, Florida where she will be continuing her academic journey by pursuing a PhD in Rehabilitation Science with a concentration in Neuromuscular plasticity at the University of Florida. 


Michael Paredes 2016-2018 

Michael, age 15, left Our Lady of Guadalupe (OLOG) High School, in Belmopan, as a third
form Honour Business student- Majoring in Economics, Accounting, and the Principles of Business.  Michael was awarded a scholarship to attend UWC South East Asia in Singapore. During his time at UWCSEA-Dover, he majored in Economics, Physics, and Global Politics and was involved in several on-campus organizations including as Head of Finance for the UWCSEA Investment Society, and as Co-Chair of the Economics Society, percussionist in the Symphonic Orchestra, and an active member of several Global Concerns. Michael additionally took part in several service groups around Singapore including Lions Befrienders, and made lasting memories with the diverse community.  He completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in 2019.

Post UWC, Michael attended St. Olaf College, in Minnesota, USA, and will be graduating with degrees in Quantitative Economics (with an emphasis in Finance), and Political Science in May 2022. He will be serving as vice-president of the St. Olaf Student Government Association from 2021-2022, and have previously spent time as a percussionist in the Norseman Band, treasurer for the residence council, President of the Investment Society, and as the International Student Senator.


Danielle Thea Reardon Smith 2017-2019

Ella attended Saint Catherine's Academy and later transferred to Belize High School. Ellas was awarded a UWC scholarship at UWC Atlantic College, South Wales, UK and completed her IBDP in 2019.  Ella is pursuing her studies in neuro engineering at Vancouver University.

Yi Fen Fang 2018-2020

Yi Fen Fang attended Our Lady of Guadalupe High School in Belmopan City, Belize.  She was awarded a UWC scholarship to UWC New Mexico, USA, 2018-2020.  Yi Fen successfully completed her IBDP in 2020 and is now pursuing her BA at University of Oklahoma, Norman Campus majoring in Kinesiology. 


Amberley Marin 2018-2020

Amberley attended Saint Catherine's Academy in Belize city and in 2018 was awarded a UWC scholarship to UWC Red Cross Nordic, Norway.  Amberley successfully completed her IBDP in 2020 and is now furthering her studies at Nord University, Bodo, Norway.  

Madyson Burrowes 2018-2020 

Madyson attended Saint Catherine Academy in Belize City. In 2018, a then third former, Madyson was awarded a UWC scholarship to attend UWC Pearson College, Canada and she successfully completed her IBDP in 2020.  Madyson is now pursuing her bachelors at St.Olaf University, Minnesota, USA.

Xavissa Molina 2019-2021

Xavi completed her secondary studies at Belize High School in Belize City.  She was awarded a UWC scholarship to attend UWC Red Cross Nordic in Norway and just recently completed the two-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.  Xavi will be pursuing her bachelors degree at Oklahoma University.

Maegan Elizabeth Polanco 2019-2021 

Maegan attended Our Lady of Guadalupe High School in Belmopan City, Belize.  She was awarded a UWC Scholarship to UWC Changshu, China and completed her IBDP in 2021.  Maegan plans on pursuing her bachelor’s degree in political science and concentration in International Relations at the St. Olaf University in Minnesota.

Irene Hung 2019-2021 

Irene attended Belize High School in Belize City.  She was awarded a UWC scholarshipt to UWC Costa Rica and completed her IBDP in 2021.  Irene will continue her studies in California.

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