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What makes a good UWC student?

Here are some tips:

  • Be Passionate - about something, anything! A form of art, music,sports, a casue, a philosophy.  We just want to see the fire in your eyes!
  • Be Proactive - join/start an after school club, sport, student council, choir.  Rally for change within institutions.  Encourage and support your peers to participate.  Be someone who doesn't let life just pass by!
  • Be Open-minded - tolerance and a willingness to learn about other cultures, religions, countries, races and opinions.  UWC can be quite intense in its multiculturism, how well will you adapt?
  • Be Mature - as a UWC  student you will be away from home for two years.  You'll be living with other students who may be very different from you.  Can you handle sharing your space?  Can you cope with homesickness?
  • Be On Top of your Grades - the IB is TOUGH! You'll be away from the security of home. and put through an academic rigor similar if not equal to that of university.  Having excellent study habits are essential!
  • Be Knowledgeable of Our History - at UWC you are an ambassador for Belize.  Be up to date with basic country facts.  Know the population size, colonization history, type of governmental system, the different ethnic groups, crime rates, and industries, just to name a few.
  • Be Belizean - Belize is made up of many cultures.  What's YOUR heritage?  How will you represent that?  Learn a traditinal dance, have a cultural outfit, learn to cook local food, be familiar with local folk lore, or speak a native language (from the creole dialect to Mayan and Garifuna languages).  Even if you don't know how to do these things you can always learn, it's really not that hard!