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Selection Process

The Belize UWC Selections process may vary slightly year by year.  Below are descriptions of some assessments that may be used. Applicants are evaluated, rated and shortlisted after each phase of the process and notified by email of their progress.  Location for camp and interview are determined on an annual basis.  

The Belize UWC Selection Process:

Phase 1 - General Application Form

General Application Phase where students are asked to complete the online application.  The application form consists of personal information, most recent grades, information about their ambitions, as well as information about what activities they are involved with.  Each application must be submitted with their most recent transcript, proof of nationality (if  applicable) and copy of payment of $25.00 BZD application fee.

Phase II - Essays

Essays - students are given 8/9  long and short essay questions. These essay questions include questions on their goals for the future, knowledge of local and international issues, as well as questions about what they understand the UWC's mission to be. Qualifying students are given two weeks to submit their essays which is scored by our panel.

Phase III - Community Work

UWC look for candidates who show high potential, with an emphasis on academic ability and demonstrated strong commitment to their community. The volunteering/community phase is a wonderful and fulfilling experience.  The committe may consider a volunteering Phase where students are required to spend a certain number of hours giving back to Belize by volunteering at a local charitable organisation of their choice, if they have not been active in any such work during the past three years. This phase may be optional as determined by the committee.

Phase IV - Selections Camp

Selections Camp Phase will be held virtually and is normally held during the first week of February.  During this session students will be able to meet UWC alumni, as well as the other applicants.  They are given more information about UWC, and will be evaluated on their participation in group discussion and other activities.   

Phase V - Interview

Interviews will be held virtually where the semifinalists are invited to attend along with parent/s/guardian and are interviewed by a panel of the UWC Belize Selection Committee members and a psychologist.  This process is intended for the committee to be able to get to know the student better. The duration of the interview is 30 minutes.  


Applicants are evaluated, rated and shortlisted after each phase of the selection process.