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History of UWC Belize

UWC Belize is one of the 155 National Committees across the world that is run by volunteers.  We believe in the vision, values and goals of the UWC movement of bringing together young people from a deliberately diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.

Since 2001 the UWC movement has been present in Belize and continues to grow every year.  Our students have studied at UWC's across the world including Venezuela,  Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Singapore, Netherlands, Canada, USA, South Africa, China, Japan and the UK. 

We are proud to say that our alumni continues to grow,  many of whom are continuing their studies to achieve either their BA, MA or Phd abroad.  They study in various fields such as medicine, nuro-science, marine biology, liberal arts, economics and other fields.

Since that time we continue receiving offers for students to attend one of the 18 UWC schools and colleges throughout the world and we continue to promote the UWC movement in Belize through our National Committee.

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