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Application Form

It is very important that you find out as much as possible about UWC before applying.  Applicants and parents/guardians must understand the policies, aims of the UWC movement and especially the financial commitment involved and any other commitments. Feel free to email us at for further information.

Applications for UWC schools are normally managed through national committees in their respective countries.  However, if you are interested in applying directly to UWC schools you can visit UWC  Global Selection Programme for further information.

Application deadline is 31 st December 2019. An application fee of $25.00 must be paid at the Belize Bank - Account No: 177445010120000.

You may submit your application by downloading and emailing the form found at bottom of page along with a copy of  your official school transcript and copy of fee payment. For any questions please email us at

Application opens November - December 2019.

Application Fee:  An application  fee of $25.00 BZD must be paid at the

                                                                    Belize Bank

                                              Account NO: 177445010120000

After submitting application:

Receipt of your application will be acknowledged by email. If you do not receive a confirmation email within two days please contact us to confirm that we have received your application. It is your responsibility to ensure that all parts of the application have been submitted and received. 

How competitive is the process?

Each year, national committees across the world review more than 10,000 applications and select around 1,800 promising candidates. Student intake is deliberately diverse and made up of the widest range of cultures, religions and nationalities.

For more information visit our Selection Process .

When should I apply?

Students join UWC colleges every August except for UWC Waterford, Swaziland as it operates on the southern hemisphere education system and so their school calendar is from January to November. 

Application dates are set by national committees.

Application period for Belize normally runs from November through December.

If the candidate is selected for the next selection Phases, he/she will be contacted formally by the National Committee through email.

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