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Selection Process

Three UWC spots offered to Belize for 2017.

Belize_Chair_gameThis year Belize has been offered THREE spots to UWCs across the world! To find out more about the selection process click More

Student Life

Current and past Belizean UWC students. 

Picture_11Find out how our Belizean UWC Students are enjoying their new lives studying abroad! More

Latest News

  • UWC 2017 Application Season Open

    For the academic year 2017, Belize has been offered THREE spots at reasonable costs to attend UWC’s Elite Boarding School.  These spots for the IB Diploma course are available at:

     UWC USA – New Mexico at a cost of $20,050.00 US per annum


    UWC Atlantic – South Wales at a cost of 38,000 US per annum


    UWC Changshu – China at a cost of $16,000 US per annum


      Interested applicants and their families, however, must be prepared to cover all travel expenses, health insurance and other personal costs.  However,  families should take into account that these costs are a true investment, as a UWC education will lead to a myriad of future opportunities, including full funding for a Bachelor’s Degree in the USA, through the Shelby Davis Foundation www.davisuwcscholars.org/partners .

  • Belizean UWC Opening for 2016

    For the academic year 2016, Belize has been offered ONE full spot at UWC Southeast Asia, Dover Campus, Singapore www.uwcsea.edu.sg .

    Applications can be found here, and are due by midnight on Febuary 26th, 2016.